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The extraterrestrials exist, although the sceptics doubt it

Who can assure that amongst the infinite galaxies, with their billions of stars and associated planets, only the Earth is inhabited by rational beings? And if the Earth was not the only inhabited planet, who would assure that we are the most advanced humanity?

There are many real evidences that we are not alone in the Universe. Those who search for the truth know that in many corners of the Earth there have been contacts with beings from other worlds. Unfortunately, that issue has been often ridiculed and insistently denied to mankind.

Cases of mysterious objects have been recorded by radar in different parts of the world. Civil and military aviation pilots have witnessed objects with capacities that terrestrial devices cannot perform, such as travelling at high velocity, speeding up or slowing down instantaneously, perform sharp turns at high speed, etc.

UFO in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina… Everywhere there are news about sightings of alien ships.

Ships with different shapes fly the sky, sometimes they come down to mainland and they can also be seen coming off the ocean or flying round volcanoes.

Extraterrestrial beings have been visiting us for millennia, making contact with different cultures as attested by numerous accounts over history. Those who have contacted them maintain that they are wise and conscious people whose faculties are fully developed: they can communicate telepathically to each other, they are born and die at will, and their only religion is the mutual respect towards life and others.

The extraterrestrials have managed to combine cleverly the science of matter and the science of the spirit. Their interstellar trips are the result of a very advanced technology, which is supported as well by a high spiritual development.

Their knowledge is very superior to that we have on our planet, with solutions to many of the problems that humanity has: energy use, health, transport, agriculture, climate issues, etc. However, the excessive growth of our materialism and the psychological defects that we carry within, such as ambition, pride, greed, thirst for power, lack of love, etc., does not allow them to make direct contact in order to transmit that knowledge on a large scale due to the misuse we could make of it.

The extraterrestrial civilizations are deeply concerned about the experiments and use of nuclear weapons on Earth and their installation in space.

Although aliens cannot interfere on a massive scale, they can help individually those people who are starting a serious work of spiritual development.

On the other hand, humanity soon will launch into an atomic holocaust and as a result, changes of extremely serious consequences will occur on our planet. Extraterrestrial beings know that and are prepared to rescue those who have begun a sincere work of inner transformation, of spiritual improvement as taught by V. M. Rabolu, in a clear and simple way, in his book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’.

At this moment the inhabitants of the Earth are full of pride and arrogance. The Tower of Babel, with which scientists seek to conquer outer space, has already been raised. The spacecraft arrived at the moon, and now scientists want to pounce on Mars. The encounter with the humanities from other planets is, by logical deduction, totally inevitable and our humanity will have no choice but to transform or perish.

Life on other planets

While our scientists are trying to find any sign of extraterrestrial life, there are people who are fully conscious of the existence of life on other planets and who have made public some revealing information. One of those people was V.M. Rabolu, who describes, in his book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’, his own direct and personal experience with beings from other worlds.

V.M. Rabolu states in this work:

I have had contact with extraterrestrials many times and I can bear witness to these marvellous inhabitants. I cannot find words to describe their wisdom, their culture and the angelic life that they live.

When talking about human relationships, he says:

They respect the free will of each person. It is not the same as the inhabitants of the Earth, who want to control the world purely by means of bullets and threats. The North Americans are very mistaken in the films they release and magazines they publish.

The fact that V.M. Rabolu is showing us the wonder of those superior civilizations is an invitation to reflection: a reflection on what we could have become but never became; an invitation to abandon our mechanical life and to transform us spiritually as human beings and as civilization.

The human beings in this epoch must understand that beings from other worlds are watching us and are aware of the coming cataclysm. They know us inside out and they will intervene with their ships to rescue all those who have shown true love for humanity and who have begun a serious work for their spiritual regeneration.