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Astral projection

Astral projection

A faculty that urgently needs to be developed

Thousands of people with a great spiritual yearning are content to read books and fill their minds with diverse theories, as if they wanted to achieve the development of their consciousness and faculties through the mere intellect. In that way, numerous beginners close the doors to true knowledge.

The first piece of guidance given by any master of wisdom is that we need to become practical. In these times all spiritual people and organizations that are not practical will fall into oblivion. They will be left behind because they will be of no use spiritually. Now in the 21st century the time for theorizing and speculation is over. We must become practical if we really yearn for access to true knowledge.

One of the faculties that help us most along the spiritual path is conscious astral projection. All those who begin to astral project will start to guide themselves and will be preparing to guide others; because this is what humanity needs: guides.

All human beings go the astral dimension while the physical body is sleeping. Even animals go to the astral plane every night during sleep time. Unfortunately, we are not aware of all those processes and we wander through that dimension with sleeping consciousness, doing all the same activities and behaving as we do in daily life.

It is urgent to learn astral projection. When somebody learns to leave their physical body at will, consciously, they can talk face-to-face with masters, they can receive secret teachings or attend temples, etc.

In that dimension we can study our own problems, our future and also past times. It is a really simple and quick way because there we are out of time. However, in order to achieve all that we must become practical and leave theories aside.

The little book entitled ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ that the Alcione Association is sending free worldwide shows the techniques to achieve conscious astral projection. In addition, its author V.M. Rabolu warns humanity about the future that is awaiting our civilization. He also teaches the practical systems to eliminate our psychological defects, weaknesses or evil, which are the main cause of all human sufferings.

V.M. Rabolu writes:

I stand by what I have written in this book, because I know it to be true. I am sure about what I say because I have investigated thoroughly with my astral body, which allows me to know about everything in great detail.

Through astral projection any person can know the future events that will happen to this humanity.

We invite every person with spiritual yearning to do that practice daily, without losing a single night. We make it clear that there is no risk whatsoever because it is only a matter of doing in a conscious way what we do unconsciously and involuntarily every night.

If you want to see the end of this planet, you can do it while you sleep at night. […] We need much faith. While doing the practice of astral projection we must have a lot of faith, never doubt of what one can do, but be confident that this night you will achieve it.

Pronunciation of the mantras for astral projection

You lie down, relax your body and concentrate on what you are doing. Then, repeat the mantras that are indicated in the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’. This is their proper pronunciation: