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About us

About us

The Alcyone Association was born in Spain on the 4th of May 2007

We borrowed the name of the star Alcione, Alcyone or Alcion. That is the brightest star amongst the Pleiades constellation and thus it has a special meaning. In 2007, a group of people who for some years had been studying and practising together certain esoteric knowledge, decided to become organized as a cultural association with the aim of being another link in that huge chain that contributes to the spiritual improvement of humanity.

From 1999 we have been carrying out activities to disseminate the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ written by the great researcher in esotericism V.M. Rabolu, with whom we had been studying for many years and learnt a great deal. He wrote this small book shortly before his passing in the year 2000.

The impulse that led us to create the Alcyone Association was none other than the urge to contribute with our effort to spread this book worldwide. We then decided to do it in a non-profit and altruistic way, knowing the extraordinary importance and urgency of its dissemination in these times of worldwide crisis and complete failure of ethical and moral principles.

With the birth of the Alcyone Association we started the work of free dissemination of the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’. Since then, we have sent hundreds of thousands of copies to interested individuals and families in the five continents. Similarly, through those years we have received testimonials of gratitude from thousands of readers from all corners of the world.

With the passage of time, gradually people from different countries joined our dissemination task and nowadays we are all working alongside as a great family. We are united with the aim of showing humanity the future that is awaiting us, since as the author of the book wrote:

Since year 2000 the whole planet is in tragedy. It is not that life is going to end, but it truly begins to succumb. It is a process lasting years, but from 2000 we are all in tragedy…

Help us, collaborate with us

Due to the great importance of this universal message, the Alcyone Association is sending free copies of ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ to interested people in any country. We need kind-hearted people who can help us disseminate this work to all corners of the world. If you wish to work in close collaboration with us by helping spread the book in your country, please write us. You can contact us through the email address [email protected].

Please help us in the diffusion of this work by downloading the following video and sending it by email to friends and acquaintances.

The Alcyone Association is a non-profit organization registered with the National Registry of Associations within the Ministry of Home Affairs, group 1, section 1, with national number 588698, and has its headquarters at P.O. box 4, in the town of Burgos (Spain).

Interview with the Alcyone Association from India

Questions and answers about Hercolubus.

Q.: Thank you for sending me the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ all the way from Spain. I read the whole book entirely, each chapter in one go and learnt about V. M. Rabolu’s work. It was interesting to read about his views, teachings and experiences related to Astral projection, Hercolubus, Death and Extraterrestrials. His writing seems so convincing when he talks about nuclear tests and the ocean.

After reading it, a thought comes to my mind and it is that, looking at the current scientific and technological advancements, we humans are destroying the climate – trees, water, soil, etc., which very clearly symbolizes the slow end of humanity, because when all natural resources are used up, how will we survive? But in the book, Rabolu talks about Hercolubus planet, the projected destruction it will cause the earth and all the prevailing inhabitants of this planet etc., and this is where I feel I would like to know, what is it that makes him so sure about such predictions? Would you please shed more light on this?

A.: In the same way that it is possible for us to develop intellectual or artistic abilities, any human being who intends to do it and carries out work upon themselves can develop spiritual abilities unknown to common people. There are many latent faculties within us and those, if properly developed, can allow us to investigate other dimensions of nature beyond the limited world of our mind and our senses.

V.M. Rabolu, the author of the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’, was one of those people who developed great capabilities to research in the superior dimensions of nature. His book is the result of such research and therefore any person can verify by themselves that the statements in that work will be accurately fulfilled throughout time.

Everything unfolds or develops first in the superior dimensions and next it crystallizes in the physical or three-dimensional world. That is similar to an architect who wants to make a building: he first creates it in his mind or imagination as an idea; then, he crystallizes it physically. Such is nature too. Therefore we can investigate consciously in the superior dimensions of nature in order to know there many events that will happen later in our three-dimensional world. The truth about Hercolubus is that the approach of such a heavenly body will make the Earth’s crust completely unstable, thus changing the surface of our world. In addition, it will cause the death of plants, animals and humans because of heat. That is how it will end; it has already started and we can affirm that we are living on top of time.

Q.: Tell us more about Alcyone Cultural Association, people associated with it, reason why it was established and about its work.

A.: The Alcyone Association is a Spanish organization made up of people who are seeking their spiritual transformation. Those people are very committed with the dissemination of the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ worldwide.

Being aware of the future that awaits humanity and knowing the type of inner work that must be done by human beings in order to escape the catastrophe, the people in our association have devoted themselves to taking that universal message to the whole humanity. All our activities are carried out in an absolutely altruistic way. As long as our resources allow us to do it, we will send a copy of the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ completely for free to anyone who seeks their spiritual transformation. We have been doing so for several years. That is our only goal: to inform as many people as possible and to give them that book as a ‘working tool’.

Q.: Extraterrestrials and UFOs are such an obscure subject that people are usually ignorant about their existence. While on the one hand many talk about having seen them, on the other hand they have never been seen in public. In this book, V. M. Rabolu talks about Extraterrestrials, Life on Venus, Life on Mars and Interplanetary Spaceships. The question then arises that if science has already proven that life on Mars, as mentioned by Rabolu, does not exist, how can V.M. Rabolu’s experiences of astral projection be true?

A.: Firstly, we should be aware of human limitations. Scientific research regarding life on other planets is at a very early stage. Modern science still has to go a long way in the topic of extraterrestrial life. Scientific ignorance regarding that issue is so great that affirming that there is no life on other planets of our Solar system – on grounds of extreme conditions, of lack of water or oxygen, etc. – is like saying that the Earth is flat and that the whole universe goes round it. Our current knowledge about the universe and its laws is minimal.

Secondly, we should say that physical senses do not inform us about the whole universe but only about the three-dimensional world. Any Master of Wisdom or any competent esoteric researcher knows that nature is not only composed of three dimensions (height, length and width) but is actually multidimensional. It is a great mistake to reduce life to the three-dimensional world that is perceived by our senses. The Earth and other worlds in space are multidimensional and life unfolds on all of the dimensions. This can be only verified by those people who have awakened their Consciousness, whom we could call enlightened people.

Thirdly, any person who has created certain superior bodies, e.g. the so called astral body – a supradimensional body – together with certain consciousness, will be able to travel with that body through space in order to carry out some research unknown to academic science. V.M. Rabolu, the author of the book we are disseminating, carried out his research by travelling with his astral body through that dimension still unknown by most humans. His accounts of life on other planets are based on his own direct experience.

And finally, looking at our three-dimensional level, we should not forget the numerous sightings of interplanetary space shifts that have been recorded all over the world. They are visiting us now and have always visited us in the past. It is necessary then that everybody understands that extraterrestrials exist, although sceptics doubt it.

Q.: It is said that the spiritual experiences are only to be ‘experienced’ and not to be ‘talked’. In a way, we cannot even ‘talk’ about them, as it is not a matter of words but feelings. This is where the Astral Projection comes in place, that it is a matter of feeling it – experiencing it. But still, going beyond the boundary, I would like know about astral travel related experiences of existing people who believe in work of V. M. Rabolu.

A.: The path that leads our deep transformation is full of spiritual experiences. The experiences and teachings that we receive are something very intimate, which is addressed directly to the Consciousness of each of us.

During that path of spiritual transformation we receive special guidance and that happens many times while our physical body is resting at night. When a chela or disciple explains those intimate and personal teachings, it is as if he violates an oath and the result can be a punishment from the Masters of humanity and also from his own inner Being.

The truly useful action is to teach all people how to work spiritually to achieve transformation. In the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ anybody will find a clear and simple explanation about the techniques to achieve conscious astral projection and the system to eliminate our vices, defects and evil, which are the fundamental causes of all human sufferings.

To believe or not to believe what others explain are in reality the two sides of the same coin: ignorance. In fact, we only really know what we experience. Therefore, it is best to start immediately the path for our spiritual transformation in order to know by ourselves rather than asking others about their experiences.

Q.: Also, tell us about the responses that you get from people around the world while spreading V. M. Rabolu’s work – his book for free.

A.: We are aware that the statements made in the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ are out of the environment in which we are living and we also know that most human beings lack of spiritual yearning. In spite of that, the Alcyone Association is carrying out a global task of dissemination. As a result, there are always true spiritual researchers who are eager to transform themselves and who contact us. We are therefore sending books continuously even to the most remote and unimaginable places.

Our task is actually receiving a big welcome. We strongly wish that those who write to us take seriously the information contained in the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ and begin as soon as possible their path of regeneration.

Q.: In the book, V. M. Rabolu mentions that the end of humanity is soon. Does it indicate the 2012 theory?

A.: No, absolutely not. V.M. Rabolu does not indicate any precise date. There is no set time for the approach of planet Hercolubus, although all events explained in the book will take place in the short term.

He explained: ‘Since year 2000 the whole planet is in tragedy. It is not that life is going to end, but it truly begins to succumb. It is a process lasting years, but from 2000 we are all in tragedy…’

With the approach of Hercolubus there will be no corner of the Earth left without upheaval. The wish of the author, who is one of those people who has known by direct experience those events, is to warn and to urge us to raise our Consciousness so that we can change internally. In that way, we will be able to get the most of our lives since at present we are going completely in the wrong direction.

In any case, we must say that little by little – do not believe it will happen all at once – our society will witness in the coming years the increase in painful events such as earthquakes, active volcanoes, climate change, human migrations, economic crisis, wars, famine and diseases. Anyone of us will be able to verify that.

And eventually, after all those terrible events have struck humanity, the approach of Hercolubus will completely change the appearance of continents. That is the end of this humanity as we know it; the end that always comes in the Kali Yuga era.

Q.: What message would you like to share with those who wish to associate with the Alcyone Association in spreading V.M. Rabolu’s work?

A.: First of all, we would like to express our deep gratitude to you for this unique opportunity to let our task be known. That is an invaluable help for us since we only rely on our own means, which are very limited since we seldom receive external aid.

We want to share a message of inner transformation with the whole humanity. We are at the beginning of the 21st century and human beings have not changed at all. We continue to disregard this wonderful school that life is and we waste our time living away from the Truth. Our science and technology are every day more and more powerful, but we must admit that this progress has also meant a loss of human values. Human beings have lost simplicity and with that, the secret of happiness.

Dragged by our greed, selfishness, hatred, envy, etc., we have filled the world with wars, misery and pain. All is very complicated nowadays because of our spiritual blindness. Only the search for spiritual values and the continuous work in order to eliminate our psychological defects will keep a ray of hope remaining.

We encourage everybody to learn how to consciously project in the astral dimension since that will enable us to investigate and to receive guidance about the coming events. In addition, we will be able to act with consciousness in order to efficiently help humanity in these difficult times.

The elimination of our psychological defects and the astral projection are extremely necessary and urgent in these times. This is our message for those who are reading these words.

The Alcyone Association will greatly appreciate any support in the dissemination of the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’. Any person willing to know more about us can contact us through any of our sites:

We reiterate our gratitude to everybody who is helping us and we wish that light can crystallize in the hearts of all people.